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**SALE PENDING**Large Rose Quartz Tower

**SALE PENDING** Stunning Rose Quartz Like You Rarely See It! Here's a grand dame of pure, unadulterated Rose Quartz , resplendent in her coat of very pretty, very pastel pink. Maybe, most unique of all, this splendid pink Tower is not the opaque, more intense Rose Quartz that won our hearts long ... more info

$320.00 USD

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**SALE PENDING**Rose Quartz Tower

**SALE PENDING**Strong Shades of Pink saturate this Rose Quartz Tower from Brazil. Check out the translucent top termination and base areas -- this Rose Quartz beauty is definitely not your average opaque piece. Even the inclusions seem to float ethereally throughout the interior! With polished ... more info

$66.00 USD

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A+ Gem-Quality Citrine DT Quartz Sculpture on Stand

A Sculpture as Clear as Glass- but it isn't! It's hard to wrap a mind around the fact that this extraordinary Citrine Quartz actually lived within our planet's interior. Out of the dirt and rock surroundings came this 100% pure, unadulterated Citrine - a simple rock, a mineral, but present in its ... more info

$680.00 USD

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Blue Obsidian Obelisk

Gorgeous, is it not? Water-clear with a cool inclusion and glass-like interior markings, this polished Obsidian Obelisk simply vibrates to the most beautiful aqua/teal/blue color in the palette. It's hard to take my eyes off this hypnotic specimen! But let's back up a bit and talk about Obsidian in ... more info

$98.00 USD

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Clear Quartz & Green Tourmaline

Clear Quartz paired with Green Tourmaline equals a heavenly combination of quietly energetic Quartz and the healthy, vibrant vibes of Green Tourmaline. And there's more! A spot of the much rarer Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) peeks out from one side - a coveted addition to please any Tourmaline ... more info

$119.00 USD

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Clear Quartz & Tri-Colored Tourmaline

**$180.00** Yes, you read that right! A Trio of Tourmaline Colors decorates this frosty Quartz Free-Form from Brazil! Thick, heavy Black Tourmaline needles are embedded inside the Quartz (you can see them), with many ends continuing to the outer surfaces (you can feel them on the exterior). Look a ... more info

$180.00 USD

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Clear Quartz 6-Pointed Star

Beautiful Star of David in high-quality, high-clarity Clear Quartz! Carved with a flat top and base, and polished to a radiant shine, this piece has an added beveled girdle for a classy, finished look. You will love the rainbow, too! Let me know if you need a stand, and I'll include the ... more info

$288.00 USD

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Clear Quartz Phantom Point w/Rainbow & Inner Crystals

Phantastic Phantoms! Layer after layer of frosty Phantoms grace the water-clear interior of this classy Clear Quartz Polished Point from Brazil. Multiple Phantoms line up in pyramid formation, starting from the base and continuing on up toward the termination. A gorgeous rainbow and two fabulous ... more info

$276.00 USD

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Girasol & Orange Hematite Free-Form Flame

Opalized Quartz! Referred to as Girasol , this Opalized Quartz Free-Form is shaped into a contemporary 6-surfaced Flame, 5 of them terminating at the top into one perfect tip. Great clarity shows off a beautiful interior of semi-translucent milky Quartz , complete with reflective surfaces, ... more info

$268.00 USD

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Golden Lemurian Quartz Point

From the famed Diamantina Mine in Brazil comes this fabulous Golden Quartz Point - and it's a Lemurian, too! A+ clarity and a semi-saturation of gorgeous tangerine hues combine to create a super crystal that will feel oh-so-good in your palm. This little dynamo is partially polished to open up ... more info

$60.00 USD

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