Other Minerals & Fossils

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Fossilized Coral w/Stand

From Ancient Ocean Beds! Originating during the Oligocene-Miocene Period (38-25 million years ago), this coral piece has had quite a lifespan! Silica-rich water has replaced, over time, the calcium carbonate skeleton of a once-living coral entity, resulting in light brown botryoidal and stalactite ... more info

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Large Golden Amber Fossil

High Clarity and High Quality define this fantastic Amber from Colombia! Like flowing, hot, molten butter, this exquisite specimen is totally transparent, with an almost liquid feel to it. Although there is no specific geologic info on the age of Colombian Amber (sometimes call Copal), it is ... more info

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Large Labradorite Slab

Labradorite Flasher! The play of light on Labradorite is simply awesome, and this special specimen flashes all of the brilliant colors we have come to love with this beautiful stone. Blues, greens, gold--PLUS the coveted color purple -- dance in the rays of any type of light. Indoors or out, direct ... more info

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Malachite/Chrysocolla Mound w/Stand

A Malachite Collectible! From the Luputo Mine in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), this one-of-a-kind Malachite specimen is a must for any collector. Only one section of this piece is polished, showing great circular nodule patterns , while the balance is totally natural in ... more info

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Petrified Wood Limb Fossil

This millions-year-old branch actually grew in the rain forests of Indonesia! Until it was buried, that is, under the hot ash of severe volcanic activity in the latter part of the Tertiary Period (66 million to 2.6 million years ago). Over time, this buried branch was eventually transformed into ... more info

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Purple Fluorite Slice

Love that Fluorite Purple? Then you'll get a pleasant eyeful with this purple and white-colored natural Fluorite Slice from Brazil! One side has been cut flat with a matte finish, while the other is a clean, clear natural presentation. Totally opaque and totally unique, this attractive specimen is ... more info

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Wild Septarian Fossil Egg

A Magnificent Septarian Fossil! How did this unparalleled, egg-shaped "Shield of the Tortoise" come to be? Well, for inquiring minds out there: Septaria were formed during the Cretaceous Period, 50-70 million years ago when sea levels were much higher. Periodic volcanic eruptions killed the smaller ... more info

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XL Celestite Geode

Giant Celestite from Madagascar! There is no shade of blue in our planetary color pallet quite like that of the mineral Celestite. And this massive specimen is simply saturated with about as deep a shade of Celestite blue as you can find anywhere! An assortment of pretty pyramidal crystals rests on ... more info

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