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**SOLD**Citrine Quartz Heart

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD** Beautifully-Carved Citrine Cluster! Pretty, mid-colored Citrine crystals grace the topside of this heart-shaped, natural geode piece from Brazil. But the eye-catching highlight is the unusual grouping of taller crystals clustered near the tip of the heart -- absolutely ... more info

$196.00 USD

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2-Lb. Copper Ingot

In the words of Sherlock Holmes.....it's elemental, dear Watson! And this 2-lb. Ingot of .999 Fine Copper certainly is! Shrink-wrapped for tarnish protection, this attractive Copper piece is a novel gift for a chemistry buff, a metallics collector, or any person who simply likes to feel connected ... more info

$37.00 USD

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A+ Gem-Quality Citrine DT Quartz Sculpture on Stand

A Sculpture as Clear as Glass- but it isn't! It's hard to wrap a mind around the fact that this extraordinary Citrine Quartz actually lived within our planet's interior. Out of the dirt and rock surroundings came this 100% pure, unadulterated Citrine - a simple rock, a mineral, but present in its ... more info

$680.00 USD

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Amethyst Quartz Slices on Stand

A Classy Amethyst Showpiece! Cut from the same Amethyst host, these two Uruguayan beauties began life resting side-by-side, practically mirror images of one another . Today, they still rest side-by-side, resplendent in their own custom wood stand! Polished surfaces, both sides, showcase the amazing ... more info

$387.00 USD

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Clear Selenite on Flower Amethyst

Clear Selenite and Amethyst in a most unique and unusual composite! A gorgeous transparent slice of Selenite has been paired with a Flower Amethyst geode base that is highlighted by tiny Amethyst crystals and green Chlorite. Its thin geode cover piece even has a hat-like appearance! Natural ... more info

$473.00 USD

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Copper Ore Clock

Decorative and functional, this fancy metallic timepiece will be the talk of all who catch a glimpse of this unique Raw Copper Ore Slab with embedded Clock . With a polished Copper face and natural Copper backside , this piece will appeal to those who love the shiny, finished look of Copper and to ... more info

$95.00 USD

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Cut Agate Geode w/Stand

A Beautiful Agate Geode that is quite attractive from any vantage! Mostly polished , the dark-shaded exterior surfaces glow with reflected light, providing a striking contrast the light brown, unpolished natural areas scattered throughout. When cut open to reveal the inner features, however, a very ... more info

$156.00 USD

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Large Agate Slice w/Stand

An Agate for All Seasons! No matter what your climate or locale, this Agate art piece will shine! Sliced from a hunk of microcrystalline Quartz, this finely-grained segment flaunts a polished, translucent sheet of radiant crystals that is dotted with several fun see-throughs! Agate shades of darker ... more info

$92.00 USD

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Mini-Geode Treasure Chest

A cute little mini-Agate Geode, cut into two pieces and displayed on a rustic wood base, exposes a myriad of sparkly druzy crystals to the light of day! Brazilians would call this a "Porta Joia" , Portuguese for jewelry box or case. To me, its a miniature treasure chest ! Imagine tiny trinkets ... more info

$94.00 USD

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Sandstone Sculpture w/Clear Quartz Sphere

Beautiful Sandstone and Stunning Clear Quartz pair up to present this elegant display of Sand and Quartz. Sandblasted to highlight nature's artistry, serpentine layers of earth-toned ribbons wend their way throughout the sculpted surfaces - a mesmerizing display! Red and Yellow Hematite add a ... more info

$128.00 USD

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