Gem Carvings & Vases

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Fluorite Vase

Two very fun features of Fluorite are the intense colors and its distinctive cleavage planes. This gorgeous Fluorite Vase has them both in spades! Deep, rich colors merge into totally random patterns - no two are alike. Stripe-like verticals flow up and down, while larger patches of colorful ... more info

$445.00 USD

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Labradorite Skull Carving

3 Faces of Labradorite! Wow! Flashy blue-green skulls grin out from their rocky "cave", each meticulously carved to showcase the awesome labradorescence that is native only to Labradorite. Shaped rather like a cubic triangle, the outer "cave" is a natural-cut surface, but the front skulls are ... more info

$320.00 USD

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Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull Carving

A Stunning Skull Sculpture, carved from an extraordinary specimen of Clear Quartz was unearthed from one of the premier Lemurian mines in Brazil . This enigmatic Skull leaves no doubt that it was created to leave an electrifying impression on anyone within its sphere of influence. And what a ... more info

$1,295.00 USD

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Macaw-on-Amethyst Gem Carving

A Peter Muller Original! An Amethyst geode piece provides the beautiful rocky perch for this striking Macaw, expertly carved from Rose Quartz . Color-banded Fluorite provides the wing and tail feathers, with the beak and eyes of orange Carnelian , all resting firmly on a clear acrylic base. ... more info

$263.00 USD

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Malachite Laughing Buddha

Vibrant, yet soothing shades of Malachite green are simply magnetic in this single piece of beautifully-carved African Malachite. Add to that the healing power of laughter, and voila'! Here's this irresistibly cheerful personality that exudes good health and plenty of positive vibes! Known in ... more info

$595.00 USD

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Petrified Wood Fossil Heart XL

Petrified Heart! Hundreds of years ago, a fallen tree in Madagascar lay buried in a rare, oxygen-free state. Very slowly, mineral-rich flowing water replaced the organic material with all inorganic stone (a quartz/chalcedony mixture). Time passed, this ancient being was discovered, and a piece was ... more info

$345.00 USD

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Rainbow Obsidian Free-Form Sculpture

Black, Beautiful & Reversible Rainbow Colors! True, this striking free-form sculpture IS black obsidian -- and from most perspectives, that is exactly what you see: a flowing, beautiful black silhouette, its smooth easy lines a continuous circular movement on a solid, flat-cut base. But with a ... more info

$320.00 USD

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Rose Quartz/Agate Peony Carving

Seventeen Rose Quartz Petals have been lovingly carved by a skilled artisan who then arranged them into this beautiful peony flower blossom. Due to high translucency, each rose quartz petal appears in a soft, light shade of pink, in contrast to the surrounding opaque leaves of dark green agate. ... more info

$143.00 USD

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Serpentine Contemporary Vase

Contemporary in design, this elegant Serpentine Vase was fashioned out of a single Serpentine stone, radiating a tall, sleek presence without the usual curved upper lip. Heavy red-tones make a stunning statement from this warm, inviting vase that can easily be displayed solo in a multitude of ... more info

$268.00 USD

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Skull Duo in Smoky Quartz Sculpture

Smokin' Smoky Skulls! Smoky Quartz provides the backdrop for this pair of fiendish skull faces, the yin and yang of skull culture. Stuck together for eternity, these two souls sit flat on two smooth bases: position one way, or flip upside down for a different view. Both skulls and front side of ... more info

$240.00 USD

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